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- Drug offences, 29 year old male -

Dear Frances,

I wish to express my sincere thanks for the way you looked after me and represented me in relation to my criminal charges.

When I first came to you I was very confused and concerned after an extremely stressful time with my previous representation. You were able to bring comfort in sorting my charges and delivering a final result which was much more than could have been expected or hoped for. Your caring stance and you (sic) availability during your representation of me was much appreciated and well noted by me. The lengths you went to on both a personal and professional level was simply outstanding. And to think you done all you did on a legal aid grant.

My family and I thank you Frances and want you to know that we have and will continue to recommend you without reserve to anyone requiring criminal legal representation.

Yours sincerely, Mr P.W

- Children's Court matter -

Dear Frances,

You represented us in a sensitive legal matter and we found her to be very approachable, friendly and someone who would explain it all in plain English , she calls a spade a spade, and she has a "back bone".

Our case was going no-where fast and from the moment Frances came on board our case was all finished in a matter of months, it was not dragged on. Frances was always honest and if she needed to bring any other person on board for an expert opinion she would. Frances has the right connections to get you the frank opinion you require.

With Frances you would know the cost upfront and be updated immediately should this change. It would always be in black and white, you pay for good legal representation and Frances was worth every dollar spent. We had our lives destroyed for no good reason and because of Frances we have our lives back. Without Frances who knows where we would be.

Yours Gratefully, Mr & Mrs .O

- Common Assault and AVO matter, 34 year old male -

Dear Ms McGowan,

I was facing serious criminal charges following a particularly messy separation from my wife. With the support and guidance of McGowan Lawyers, I prevailed through that very stressful time in my life.

I would definitely recommend McGowan Lawyers to anyone in need of solid legal representation.

Sincerely, Mr B.S